About Summit 

Summit  is the purest form of Chondroitin 4-Sulfate ever developed.


It is a naturally derived, low molecular weight, compound and is the most effective and safest Chondroitin product available on the market today. 


Summit was discovered to have incredible effects on the joints of horses when delivered via intramuscular injection.

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How has Summit helped you?

“We have seen a great improvement in our horses way of movement and elasticity with Summit Joint Performance.” 
-McLain Ward
“My horse was on FIRE after I gave him Summit  in Las Vegas...We were able to win the race with over 600 riders, we were the fastest run in over 1,800 runs. That is what got me really thinking, okay my horse needs this in his life.”

-Amberley Snyder
“I use Summit on my horses to achieve greater flexibility. A happy, more comfortable horse, is much easier to show!”

-Becky George 

“I have been using it every week on my horses whether they are young and pushing up the levels, or already showing Grand Prix. I really believe that it has made such a difference in the horse’s comfort level while I’m working them. I think it allows them to recover faster. I think it keeps all of their joints feeling comfortable. So… I am sticking with this product!”

- Shannon Dueck

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