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Laura was born into a family...

where both her parents rode, it was the most natural thing in the world for her to ride as well. And even when she wasn’t riding, she was hanging around the barn. She began showing hunters when she was 12 years old and has trained several horses of her own.


Laura has also trained Quarter Horses, western horses, and racehorses, worked on thoroughbred farms, and managed horses for National Racing Hall of Famer, Jerry Fishback.

She holds an Animal Science and Horse Management degree. She received her degree from State University of New York (S.U.N.Y) at Cobbleskill, NY where she was a member of the equestrian team.  Her future husband was also a member of that team. The couple have now been married for 30 years and have a 22 year-old daughter. 


After closing her company, Laura began looking for a way to return to work in the equine industry. Friends and family mentioned a new product they had heard of that seemed to help animals with all kinds of issues.


She tried it and saw an immediate difference in her horses’ mobility; then she tried it on her dog and noticed a reoccurring mass start to shrink in size. She started sharing her experiences and soon realized she could make a difference.


Today Laura helps all kinds of animals and their people to solve problems large and small that might otherwise limit their lives.

Following her graduation, Laura worked for many years as a veterinary technician in both large and small animal hospitals in Nebraska, New York, and South Carolina. She owned and operated a marketing company, Promotions Plus, which closed in 2009. 


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